Sustainable management


As a recycling company for waste containing precious metals, the careful use of natural resources is in our nature.

To actively avoid CO2 emissions, we use state-of-the-art technologies so that the resources required are used in a CO2-efficient way, e.g. by using heat exchangers and large-scale PV systems. In addition, we rely on an intuitive lighting concept in our production: the energy-saving LED lamps only switch on when there is movement, so that unnecessary power consumption is minimised. 

Our employees can lease e-bikes, and 90% of our vehicle fleet already consists of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Since unfortunately not everything in our production process can be climate-neutral, we have decided to compensate for remaining and unavoidable CO2 emissions - i.e. RECOM invests in climate protection projects that serve many social aspects. In this way, we are already achieving 15 of the 17 United Nations sustainability goals - and are also reforesting a forest.

What we have already achieved


Our PV system produces approx. 90,000 kWh per year. The electricity we purchase is obtained exclusively from renewable energy sources. Heat exchangers feed residual heat from thermal processes into the heating circuit.
Heat exchangers feed residual heat from thermal processes into the heating circuit. 


Our vehicle fleet is fully electric. Necessary business trips are made by train.


Climate protection projects

We invest in two climate protection projects that include both environmental and social aspects. For example, we support natural reforestation in Uruguay and in Togo. The African project also includes the construction of wells, schools and solar installations.


Our default search engine is "Ecosia". As a result, we invest in tree-planting projects with every search query. Ecosia uses only renewable energy.