Since 1996, the founding year of RECOM Metallgesellschaft mbH, renowned national as well as international companies throughout various segments of industry have profited from our know-how in recycling industrial residues. The suppliers of precious metal bearing materials come from the electronic, telecommunication and automobile industries as well as from the chemical, petrochemical and glass manufacturing branches.

RECOM – Precious metal recycling
It’s all about our performance

RECOM offers a full service for the extraction of precious metals from industrial residues.

Recom Services

Consulting –
that meets the requirements
  • personal and individual on site
  • concepts for waste collection at the manufacturing site
  • delivery intervalls (amount and value dependent)
  • pattern analysis
  • cost-benefit analysis
Logistics / environmental management
  • Preparation of emptied containers (UN checked according to hazardous substances regulations)
  • Acceptance and organisation of transportation
  • Proficient completion of hazardous substance transportation
  • Disposal certificates
  • Customs clearance
  • Notifications


Material machining and precious metal analysis
  • Precise and separate processing of each batch
  • state-of-the-art production equipment
  • High level of environmental protection as well as work safety through highly efficient emission control equipment and filtration,
  • noise insulation etc.
  • Precise sampling systems
  • Precious metal analyses using specialised, independent laboratories
Precious metal management and salary
possible options matched to the customer requirements
  • price fixation/payment
  • transfer to metal accounts of third-party companies
  • Physical delivery of  refinde metals
  • futures trading
  • exchange-rate fixing before settlement date