The Company

RECOM headquarters in


Since 1996, the founding year of RECOM Metallgesellschaft mbH, national as well as international companies throughout various segments of industry have profited from our know-how in recycling industrial residues. The suppliers of precious metal bearing materials come from electronic, telecommunication and automobile industries as well as from chemical, petrochemical and glass manufacturing branches.

Company philosophy

Adding value to your business.

RECOM is specialised in high-quality services for efficient precious metal recycling. The high quality of all processes, the use of the most state of the art procedures and technologies as well as a high precision in sampling methods and their analyses together with a close cooperation with selected precious metal separating plants and smelters form the basis of RECOM’s promise of quality: added value is guaranteed.

Decades of experience in precious metal recycling and a reliability without compromise have made RECOM one of the most respected companies in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and ruthenium as well as non-ferrous metals such as copper are refined back to their purest form and fed back into the raw materials supply chain again.

Exclusive Partners

High demands on co-operation

RECOM’s associates in the recycling chain are regarded as the best there are in the business.

Especially important to us are the independent laboratories which determine the exact precious metal content. Just as important is the selection of waste separating plants or smelters for the refining of those precious metals concentrates produced by RECOM.

Obviously, RECOM has always the best and the highest-qualified specialists available: process planners, engineers, software companies, environmental experts and certification organisations.


A central position in the middle of Europe.

RECOM headquarters is situated in the northern Bavarian city of Aschaffenburg which is close to Frankfurt/Main airport. This historical and business-oriented town is optimally located for road, rail and ship connections.

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RECOM’s production and logistics department is situated in Aschaffenburg’s industrial area by the harbour at “Hafen West”.

> Germanenstrasse – how to get there

What’s important to us is:

  • Dealing responsibly with our customers’ materials
  • Securing the value through insurance – from transportation through to settlement
  • Using sustainable and environmentally responsible methods with waste materials
  • Working protection and process safety
  • Long-time relationship with clients from large industrial concerns

Safety / Certification

Highest degrees of safety

for the environment,

people and security of value.

Continually using the most modern forms of technology and processes we can assure our customers of not only economic but also of socially and environmentally sustainable values.

As a certified disposal company according to paragraph 56 of the German Recycling Laws, RECOM fulfils the required standards over and above the safety and environment regulations. Transparency, optimum environmental safeguards and meeting all requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard processes guarantee our customers the necessary safety and assurance when dealing with their shipments of recyclable materials.

The production areas in Aschaffenburg are equipped with a continual video monitoring system and are also connected to an alarm system.

If required, we can provide a pick-up service and transport the goods, while at the same time meeting all international laws for waste shipment, and deliver them safely to our site for processing. The value of each shipment will be insured by RECOM from the moment of pick-up until the final settlement.

Our commitment

for the environment and sustainable cooperation.

As a recycling company for waste containing precious metals, the careful use of natural resources is very important to us. In addition to conserving resources, we naturally also want to protect our climate and pollute it as little as possible.

Wherever we can, we actively avoid CO2 emissions so that the impact on the climate and the associated nature is as low as possible. We use the most modern technologies to use the required resources CO2-efficiently, e.g. by using thermal energy with the help of heat exchangers and large-scale PV systems.

Since, unfortunately, not everything in our production process can be made climate-neutral, we have decided to compensate our remaining and unavoidable CO2-emissions – i.e. we invest in climate protection projects that also serve social aspects. We are already achieving 15 of the 17 sustainability goals of the UN and are also reforesting a forest by the way.

What we have already achieved


Our entire company building is equipped with a PV system that produces around 90,000 kWh annually. We obtain purchased electricity exclusively from renewable energies. With the help of heat exchanges, residual heat from thermal processes is fed back into the heating circuit. Light sources have been energy-saving LED lamps for years.

Climate protection projects

We invest in climate protection projects that include both environmental and social aspects. We decided on two different projects:

  • Natural forest reforestation in Urugay
  • Project Togo – natural forest reforestation in combination with improvement of living conditions. That means: building wells, schools and solar systems


We have purchased e-cars for our company car fleet. In-house e-charging stations are currently being planned and will be implemented soon. Business trips are made by train if a video meeting is not possible.


We have established Ecosia as the standard search engine and therefore invest in tree-planting projects with every search query. Ecosia only uses renewable energies and covers its energy needs from its own solar systems.