Automotive industry

Reducing costs through recycling

Sustainably produced automobiles are becoming increasingly important in the market due to electric vehicles and the general rise in environmental awareness.

The recycling of precious metals opens up great potential for companies in the automotive industry to reduce material costs and use raw materials efficiently. Precious metals are used in the manufacture of electronic components. They are found in particular in organic recyclables, composite materials, metallic alloys and ceramics.

Precious metals are also contained in production waste and production residues from car exhaust and metal catalytic converters and can be recycled. In addition, the fuel cell is gaining in importance worldwide as a result of efforts to produce hydrogen-powered automobiles. We already specialize in this.

Are you active in the automotive industry and not sure whether precious metal recycling is an option for you? Below you will find examples of materials containing precious metals. Our experts will be happy to advise you personally.

Organic recyclable materials

During the coating or printing of a wide variety of components, organic waste is produced in the form of paste residues, wiping cloths, sludges with solvent content and solder dross, which contain a high proportion of precious metals. 

Composite materials

Composite materials and metallic alloys accumulate in the form of strip and punching waste or connectors.