Glass production

Every microgram counts

It’s hard to believe, but precious metals are also found in glass production – especially in semi-finished products and firebricks. We offer companies involved in glass production the perfect solution for efficient and profitable precious metal recycling – with comprehensive service and the know-how gained from decades of experience.

Semi-finished products from platinum alloys

For the highest quality requirements in the glass industry, platinum metals are used due to the high temperatures. Here we are talking about special glasses or glass fibers. 

Coated car class and mirror production

Mirrored or coated glass is mainly used in the automotive industry, but also in the consumer goods sector. We have the technology to get the most out of the precious metals contained here.


Firebricks or fireclay originate from the lining of melting plants in the glass industry. It consists of thermally resistant ceramics, in which precious metal residues can also be found.