Maximum possible remuneration.

The basis for a precise process and maximum result are the use of the most modern technology and the control of procedures and processes at the highest level.

This service is supported by precious metal software especially developed for RECOM. This patented process allows a complete picture to be created from the initial weighing process through to the finished planning and optimally combines everything into one integrated system. Customer-specific requirements can be built in at any time.

Company aims:

  • Self-developed software
  • Determination of procedures depending on material properties
  • Integration of all processes
  • Documentation of all relevant data and content during processing
  • Documentation and archiving of all work processes

A high-performance incineration plant

with two large furnaces.

A high-performance incineration plant with two large furnaces is available to RECOM for thermal processing. During incineration, using environmentally friendly natural gas, temperatures of up to 1200°C are reached. This ensures a reliable incineration of e.g. waste from the electronic industry such as cans with precious metal residues, wipes, slurries, foils with precious metal adherences etc. The following de-contamination of exhaust fumes fulfils the strictest requirements of environmental laws. It is approved under the German Emission Laws (BImSchV 17) which meets the highest level of protection for this type of plant. RECOM’s customers can be assured that they have the most responsible partner for processing hazardous waste on their side.

Company aims:

  • State-of-the-Art incineration plant
  • High-temperature smelting furnace
  • Drying plant


Typical Materials

  • Wipes
  • aste tins
  • Sludges


Thermal preparation includes incineration, melting and drying

A modern induction plant for smelting is available. Metals and their alloys can be melted with a temperature reaching 1,800°C. For analytical purposes, samples can be taken either directly from the molten material or from ingots to determine the precious metal content.

Drying plant is used if materials to be recycled are delivered with a residue water content in order to prepare them for further mechanical processing.

Proven technology at the most modern level.

Mechanical preparation – shredding, milling and sieving

Almost all shipments of waste are mechanically processed – either directly or using thermal treatment. Using tried and trusted state-of-the-art technologies such as special shredders, granulate cutters, hammer mills, ball mills, mixing equipment, magnetic separators and a sieving system, a crushed and homogenous material is produced.

Company aims:

  • Sifting ball mills
  • Special shredder plant
  • Granulate cutters
  • Magnetic separators
  • Sifting systems
  • Mixing plant – All units fitted with an automatic sampling mechanism


Typical Materials

  • Ceramics
  • Catalytic converters
  • Ashes
  • Coil and stamping waste


Analysis of ground grain size between 0,125 und 0,2 mm.

The core – the representative sample

The valuation of the content of the shipment depends on the quality of the sample, the importance of which gives an exact representational value of the total amount and which forms the basis for any precious metal content settlement between the customer and RECOM.

Special laboratory mills reduce the samples taken to a grain size between 0.125mm and 0.2mm and which are then finely analysed.

Using a standardised process, several samples are taken from each batch and sealed. One of these goes to an independent laboratory to determine the precious metal content. Other samples are always held at RECOM in their archives. If required, the customer can have further samples made available.

Company aims:

  • Milling system for fine preparation
  • Sifting technology for separating
  • Laboratory furnace for drying and smelting
  • Automatic mixing and sampling division system
  • High-precision laboratory scales

RECOM assures value for the environment as well

RECOM’s business has mainly to do with material values, but at the same time it is inextricably connected with the environment and its protection.

Energy efficiency, a safe and secure treatment or disposal of hazardous waste, preventing contamination of water and the air, recovery of heat energy etc. are, of course, part of our business philosophy.

Using the most modern technology we support the maintenance of environmental regulations and standards. Measurements of emissions of fumes from our incineration plant is voluntarily made available on a continual basis to all the relevant monitoring authorities.