Us as an employer

Added value through appreciation

We are a service specialist for the recycling of rare and valuable precious metals, our customers are well-known industrial companies. The high standards of our work require people who enjoy their work and identify with it one hundred percent. Because we know this, we do everything to make you feel comfortable with us - as a sign of our appreciation for you. 


Reasons to work with us

We have summarized the most important reasons for a career at RECOM in the following points. Perhaps they will help motivate you to apply for a job with us. We would be pleased! 

Everyone needs time off - every full-time employee receives 30 days of vacation.

Our employees achieve a great deal - and we value this through attractive salaries and employee participation in the company's success!

Most of our employees have been with us for a long time. This is rewarded! From the 10-year anniversary onwards, there are anniversary bonuses.

Of course, we also subsidize pension provision in accordance with statutory provisions. For those who make provisions, we give them a goodie of EUR 40 per month paid into a purchasing card.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Therefore, their safety has the highest priority for us!

  • Personalized and customized hearing protection
  • Continuous care by our company physician - in addition to the legally required examinations, we also carry out voluntary examinations to promote health protection
  • Regular safety training
  • Eye-friendly lightning and workplace equipment

Your job at RECOM is secure. Precious metals recycling is a steadily growing industry as demand for scarce resources increases. You can be sure of that. 

Our employees receive high-quality work clothing - for every season and every area of use in our production. In addition, we offer a free cleaning service.

In addition to the cleaning service for work clothes, we also offer shower facilities on site so that you can start the end of the day "clean". Shower gel, towels, etc. are provided by us.

Team spirit is important to us! Because those who work together should also have fun together. That's why we have our own entertainment committee, which - in addition to the usual summer party & Christmas party - takes care of various employee events. From go-karting to bowling, climbing or Escape Room - the events are diverse.

To ensure that our commercial employees can perform their work to a high standard of quality, we always provide them with the latest state-of-the-art technology. 

Company cell phones are of course also provided for specific positions.

If you are on the road for us, we will reimburse you immediately for the full amount of the statutory expenses. 

For longer assignments away from home, there's an additional special allowance.

Of course, we offer a flat rate for drinks - from water to juices, coffee to tea, milk and vegan milk alternatives.

Likewise, there is never a shortage of fruit, with the fruit baskets designed according to the needs of the employees, so not just apples or bananas. We buy regionally and seasonally and pay attention to organic quality.

Fully equipped kitchens are available at both sites so that meals can be prepared.

Our production site is also served daily by a bakery truck - in case you ever forget your lunch. 

More information

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