Processing and analysis

Der Prozess bestimmt das Ergebnis

State-of-the-art technology, as well as procedures and processes of the highest level, form the basis for maximum precious metal yield. For example, we process each individual lot separately, use preparation techniques based on the material and highly accurate sampling systems, and rely on specialized, independent laboratories for precious metal analyses.

Processing: Technologies for maximum productivity

For a variety of materials, thermal processing is required first. We have a high-performance ashing plant in accordance with the 17th BImSchV. In addition, several inductively operated units are available for homogenising melting processes, in which metals and alloys are melted up to a temperature of 1,800 °C. For materials with residual moisture, various drying plants with different intake volumes are available.

Almost all delivered residual materials are sent for mechanical processing – either directly or after thermal treatment. The most modern, proven technologies, special shredders, cutting granulators, sieve ball mills, mixing units, magnetic separators and sieve systems are used to produce homogeneous fractions by systematic size reduction and mixing.

Analytics: spotlight on representative samples

In view of the high material value, the quality of sampling is paramount. This is because, as an exact and representative representation of the total quantity, it forms the basis for the settlement of precious metal contents between the customer and RECOM.

Using standardized, precise procedures, multiple samples are drawn from each processing batch and then sealed. 

The sample prepared in RECOM's own laboratory is precisely analysed by independent laboratories specialising in precious metal analysis and the binding precious metal content is determined.

Retention samples are always archived with us. Plus, additional samples are available to customers on request. The combination of decades of know-how, experienced specialist chemists and state-of-the-art laboratory technology always ensures reliable values. 

Since the representative sample and the analysis result represent the overall value of the delivery, it is the digits after the decimal point that are most important. 

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