Thermal processing

Ashing, melting, drying - High temperatures for high values

For a large number of residues, thermal treatment is a necessary prerequisite for further preparation and homogenization.


For thermal processing, we operate a high-performance ashing plant in which temperatures of up to 1,200°C are achieved. These enable reliable ashing of diverse residues, which preserve a wide variety of organic substances. The ash residues generated here are forwarded to the "Mechanical Processing" for further homogenization. Die nachgeschaltete Anlage zur Abgasreinigung erfüllt strengste umwelttechnische Anforderungen. Sie ist genehmigt entsprechend der 17. Bundes-Immissionsschutz-Verordnung (BImSchV). This gives our customers the security of having RECOM at their side as a responsible partner, even when processing hazardous substances.


For the homogenization of metallic alloys, a modern, inductively operated plant is available in various capacity volumes. Here, metals of all kinds and their alloys are melted at temperatures up to 1,800°C. haben. For the analytical determination of precious metal contents, samples are taken either directly, from the liquid melt material or from the produced sample ingots.


For recycling materials delivered with residual moisture, various drying cabinets or aggregates are available. After the material has been dried, it is optimally prepared for further processing in the "mechanical preparation".

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